As an Interior Architecture and Design studio based in Sri Lanka, we at Ayointerior, focus on practicality, relevant good designs, comfort and elegance. Based in Colombo, we specialize in residential, commercial projects and furniture design.

We aim to always work closely with our clients, offering a highly personalized design service, with each client’s individual preferences taken into consideration. For us, each project is unique, and it is with this understanding and commitment we take on all our projects, creating and designing a space that is customized and tailored to the client’s needs, dreams and aspirations.

From the design development to the drawing stage, to the sample selection and finally to the actual construction, our client’s involvement and feedback is paramount. We have a collaborative work philosophy which guarantees customized and layered interiors for all our clients.

At Ayointerior, we passionately believe in celebrating local artisans, crafts people, artists, manufacturers and builders. We work with carefully selected, talented and creative individuals, to bring our designs and interiors to life with precision, quality and care.


Our designs are of the time, yet with a timeless quality that transcends trends to create a contemporary, elegant and refined space that meets the modern client’s needs. We believe in an integrated design process so that we can provide an optimized design that aligns our expertise and input with the client’s vision for the location.

For us, interiors must stand the test of time and reflect individuality while bringing in that perfect balance between aesthetics and function. While we always listen to a client’s preferences, we also love supporting our talented local artisans and working with locally sourced materials to create unique and elegant interiors that have a visually distinct identity.



Integrity is the driving passion behind our designs as we create interiors that have a genuine function and aesthetic flow, rather than being simply decorative. Our interiors stand the test of time, because we put our all into each design, embracing the challenges as well as the successes with equal measure. Our success is defined by our client’s satisfaction.


Our creativity lies not in signaturestyles or by following trends but rather in using the natural flow of a space to create a design narrative that slowly evolves into distinct design identity, that can be valued over time.


Collaboration is key to our success as we build strong relationships with our clients and their dreams to find the perfect balance between concept, practicality, beauty and function.Our role as an interior designer goes beyond the design and choosing materials. We work right throughout the project to ensure that each area of the process runs smoothly for a cohesive finish.


We have built strong relationships with our local experienced artists and artisans to create sophisticated architecture locally, helping both the community and working towards being sustainable when sourcing our pieces.


We design our interiors to last and transcend trends and such we value quality timeless pieces that add character and integrity toa space that can actually function rather than simply being for display purposes.Some pieces could even become family heirlooms.


As interior designers, for us the potential for learning and inspiration is all around, a constant invigorating challenge to use those inspirations in a meaningful way to give a space character and atmosphere. We are constantly absorbing and learning new ways to incorporate contemporary requirements into timeless designs.